About EXPEDITION GALLERY∙Jack Swenson⎪Rikki Swenson

Jack Swenson is a wildlife biologist and professional photographer. For over thirty years his photographs have appeared in advertising campaigns, magazines, calendars and books including publications by Smithsonian, Audubon, and National Geographic. He has co-authored a photo book on Baja California, and a photo guide to the killer whales of Southeast Alaska. He has worked on research projects studying birds and marine mammals in California, seabirds in Hawaii, and threatened shorebirds in New England. For a ten year period he was part of a National Marine Mammal Laboratory team studying killer whales throughout Alaskan waters. In 1988 Jack began working with Lindblad Expeditions as a naturalist and Expedition Leader on voyages throughout the world, eventually serving for four years as their Director of Field Operations.

Rikki Swenson was a graphic designer for 25 years. Her marketing communications firm handled a variety of projects for corporate accounts including Microsoft and SAFECO Insurance. In 1995 she began a photo-graphic book project for Lindblad Expeditions that changed the course of her life. Working as photo editor and designer, she collaborated with Jack Swenson to produce a photo book on Baja California. The focus of her work moved to the expedition travel industry. An avid traveler and photographer, Rikki’s second career began as a member of Lindblad’s Photo Expedition team in 2001. Drawing on her years of experience with printing, her knowledge of computer design tools and digital imaging, and a love of sharing her knowledge with others, she has become one of Lindblad’s most sought after specialists, teaching digital camera instruction and photo imaging techniques to help inspire people of all skill levels.

Jack & Rikki Swenson are currently Photo Expedition Leaders for Lindblad Expeditions, in alliance with the National Geographic Society, guiding others to many of the world's wildest places.